Feijó REDD+ Project


Feijó REDD+ Project


Brazil, State of Acre, Feijó.

Project Type

Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) through Avoided Unplanned Deforestation (AUD project activity). 

Sectorial Scope: 14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use.


Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Registry ID




Start Date

January 02, 2019.


30 years

Additional certifications aimed at fostering environmental, social, and economic co-benefits, along with sustainable forest management, add an extra layer of positive impact to the Feijó REDD+ Project.

hectares of protected forest

Total estimated ER (tCO2e)

tCO2e - Annual average ER

The primary objective of the Feijó REDD+ Project (hereafter “The Project”) is to avoid the unplanned deforestation (AUD) of 27.248 ha project area, and APD of 5.094 ha project area, consisting of 100% Amazon rainforest, expanding social actions in local communities.

The Project makes an important contribution to the conservation of Northwest Amazonia’s biodiversity as well as to climate regulation in Brazil and South America.

In the Reference Region, the expansion of the agricultural frontier, driven by cattle ranching, soyfarming, timber harvesting, infrastructure development, and colonization by subsistence
agriculturalists, has significantly contributed to historically high deforestation rates.

Consequently, the area remains highly vulnerable to invasions and illegal activities, such as fires and timber theft. The presence of this project is essential to ensuring the preservation of the standing forest and ecosystem services, such as clean water and biodiversity support.

A project to conserve and
protect the forest and its biodiversity


The Project is set to conduct in-depth fauna and flora research, aiming to acquire essential insights into regional biodiversity and ecosystem health. The findings will inform conservation and sustainable management initiatives, contributing to the long-term health and equilibrium of the local ecosystem.


The Project established partnerships with healthcare professionals and the Feijó Municipality to provide telemedicine services. A Starlink antenna is installed on a hospital boat, enabling it to traverse the region’s waterways and deliver vital health services to remote riverside communities.

Sustainable Development

The project falls into the AFOLU-REDD category, specifically: Avoided unplanned deforestation (AUD).

In order to address the challenges of the project region and our goal of forest conservation and preservation of local wildlife, we work to replace the causes of deforestation and degradation through actions focused on the needs of local villages, including: intensifying and diversifying agriculture through the introduction of new technologies and farming practices, increasing access to quality education, improving public health practices, and promoting sustainable economic development for the inhabitants.

This project drives the Sustainable Development Goals:

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