Boa Fé REDD Project


Boa Fé REDD Project


Bazil – Apuí, AM. Southern Amazon.

Project Type

Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) through Avoided Unplanned Deforestation (AUD project activity). 

Sectorial Scope: 14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use.


Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Registry ID




Start Date

December 31st, 2019


30 years

Additional certifications aimed at fostering environmental, social, and economic co-benefits, along with sustainable forest management, add an extra layer of positive impact to the Boa Fé REDD Project.

hectares of protected forest

Total estimated ER (tCO2e)

tCO2e - Annual average ER

The Boa Fé REDD Project, located in the municipality of Apuí in the southern Amazon, aims to prevent the unplanned deforestation of a subsection of its 432,690 ha project area, entirely comprising Amazon rainforest within a private property owned by NRD Desenvolvimento de Recursos Naturais Ltda.

The project region, known as the Brazilian Arc of Deforestation, has historical deforestation agents such as cattle ranching and timber harvesting (both legal and illegal), seeking alternative income for local development. In this scenario, the project’s success relies on revenue from the sale of Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) to compete with more lucrative alternative land-use options.

The reference region of the Project is surrounded by several Conservation Units, including the National Park of the Amazonian Fields, and the State Forest of Manicoré, among others. The presence of these protected areas, along with the southern part of the Project area, contributes to the reduction of deforestation in the region, strengthening ecosystem conservation and biodiversity protection

A project to conserve and
protect the forest and its biodiversity


For over 30 years, a local initiative has safeguarded river turtles along the Aripuanã River, releasing over 15,000 turtles into the wild. Fazenda Boa Fé has sponsored the project for more than two decades, contributing to regional turtle preservation efforts.


Empowered by Fazenda Boa Fé’s support, the Guariba community passionately harvests açaí, chestnut, and copaiba in the project area, contributing to sustainable NTFP – Non-Timber Forest Products, extraction, and community well-being

Sustainable Development

The project was acknowledged by the ICMBio Humaitá Integrated Management Unit for Fazenda Boa Fé’s support in socio-environmental actions of the Chico Mendes Institute in the Aripuanã National Forest, in the Apuí/AM region. Basic food supplies and toys were donated to children in nearby local communities as part of the project.

In order to address the challenges of the project region and our goal of forest conservation and preservation of local wildlife, we work to replace the causes of deforestation and degradation through actions focused on the needs of local villages, including: intensifying and diversifying agriculture through the introduction of new technologies and farming practices, increasing access to quality education, improving public health practices, and promoting sustainable economic development for the inhabitants.

This project drives the Sustainable Development Goals:

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